i would so go on a walk with you

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puella magi madoka magica: rebellion | homura's transformation

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Dear whoever is reading this, I understand how rough things are right now. I just want to let you know that things will get better, I promise. Keep holding on just a little bit longer. I know you feel like nobody really cares. You’re wrong, stop denying it. I care, otherwise I wouldn’t be saying this. You’re not alone, we may be miles away but we’re all going through the same things. Please keep holding on. Please.

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i have a folder full of pictures of screaming birds that i look at when i’m sad sometimes






haha. calm down nerds


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Tiny house built by Heirloom Custom Tiny Homes in Oregon. See more here!

Oh my god, GOALS!

The tiny house movement makes me so happy


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i’m just gonna go ahead and say it… 101 dalmatians is far too many dalmatians

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ask game but with PICTURES
1. Take a picture out your bedroom window
2. Post a selfie
3. Take a picture of a random object on your dresser/desk
4. Picture of your bedroom door
5. Take off your socks and take a picture of your feet
6. Take a selfie while doing your best 'straight white boy' impression (basically like Justin bieber)
7. Bring back selfie Olympics
8. Convince whoever lives with you to take a picture with you
9. Post a picture of wherever you normally sit to blog
10. Go outside and take a picture of yourself, standing in your front lawn/outside your house
11. Post a picture of something cute in your general vicinity
12. Rock the quadruple chin
13. What's the dorkiest thing in your room? Take a picture
14. If you have a pet, post a picture of them
15. Take a picture of the street you live on. Like just photograph the asphalt
16. Take a picture of the contents of your refrigerator
17. How much eyebrow game do you have? Do a close up shot!
18. Should you be doing something else? Who cares, take a picture of it and keep blogging
19. Photograph something in your house that is also your favorite color
20. EN GARDE, FUCK BOY (up to interpretation)


Some people love to shut down people who talk about trans and intersex issues by saying that they’re “only 1% of the population” and thus can be ignored since they “aren’t statistically significant enough.”

By that logic, we can now systematically ignore:

  • Redheads
  • The entire state of Rhode Island
  • Anyone who makes over $500,000 a year
  • Pacific Islanders
  • Australia

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☆*・゜゚・* space *・゜゚・*☆
☆*・゜゚・* space *・゜゚・*☆

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